Personal advice

  • Experts help customers select the right product
  • Sales representatives prepare personalized offers
  • Product managers provide customized solutions and products on request

Easy procurement processes

  • The customer chooses from preselected products for different purposes
  • The customer places the order using their preferred sales channel (online, print, telesales and field activities)
  • Own warehouses ensure fast deliveries

Full service

  • Services range from personal advice, needs analysis, planning and offers through to delivery and assembly of the products
  • Long warranty periods that are longer than the legal minimums are granted
  • Availability guarantee and ordering of spare parts over several years is a further advantage for the customer

Digital solutions

  • Customers are offered tailored web shops and access to e-procurement solutions
  • New solutions are developed based on new technologies and in collaboration with the customers
  • More information portals with self-service options being built
  • Innovative solutions can be tested through investments in start-ups

The portfolio companies and their brands operate in attractive, fragmented markets in the area of B2B direct marketing. The portfolio companies mainly sell durable equipment at stable prices to business customers in different industries and regions.

Our customers value high-quality products, fast and easy order processing, and exceptional service. This is precisely the strength of the TAKKT companies because they offer customers a whole range of added values that go beyond just direct marketing. As product experts, we make a professional preselection from a wide range of offers on the market and tailor this to suit individual customer needs. We help our customers make an informed purchasing decision and also create customized solutions. Our customers can use multiple ordering channels. For example, our product range can be linked to different e-procurement solutions in addition to the catalog and web shop. Long warranty periods and availability guarantees round off the range of services.

In addition to added value for the customer, the TAKKT companies also create considerable benefits on the supplier side. Inclusion in the product range of a TAKKT company brings considerable benefits for these suppliers compared to independently distributing their products. They obtain direct access to a very large number of customers in several countries and thus circumvent the natural market entry barriers that result from the different currencies, languages and legal frameworks, especially in Europe.