With the establishment of the new Newport division, a port is being created for the younger, high-growth business models in which they can position their branding, product range and technological infrastructure more strongly and independently in the market than before.

Newport was created in early 2018 as an additional division within the TAKKT EUROPE segment. The group consists of e-commerce businesses Certeo, BiGDUG, OfficeFurnitureOnline (which was acquired in early 2018), Mydisplays (acquired in mid-2017) and the TAKKT investment company, which invests in young start-ups. Newport’s goal is to develop into a leading European B2B e-commerce provider. The focus here is on the network idea.

B2b network within newport

Newport bundles several new business models under one roof. They have access to expertise and competencies in Newport’s network that they would be unable to set up quickly on their own in this form. These include, for example, the areas of online marketing, category management, customer excellence and business development. Within Newport, corresponding experts have been established at a central level to support the companies’ strategic and operative business development. In this way, the companies gain concrete competitive advantages that speed up the development process of the new businesses.

“Best practice” network within the TAKKT Group

Beyond this, one of the goals of the TAKKT Group is to share “best practice” solutions among the divisions. For this purpose, expert teams have been established which are self-organized and regularly exchange information. One example is the topic of customer excellence, which deals with creating positive customer experiences at all contact points and exceeding customer expectations wherever possible.

Networking with start-ups

Through the TAKKT investment company, Newport – as a strategic investor – receives access to young high-growth companies that specialize in B2B direct marketing or services along the value chain of our Group companies. This creates advantages for both sides: Newport learns about new innovative ideas and approaches in B2B e-commerce and can learn directly from the founders. The founders, on the other hand, gain access to the Newport network and the TAKKT Group, and can thus speed up their growth.

Building Network Image