In order to be able to quickly react to customer needs, agile work methods are increasingly used. Speed, prioritization and flexibility are important.

The TAKKT Group is accelerating the implementation of Design Thinking, Scrum and Kanban. An increasing number of employees are being trained in these methods.

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking method is based on creative, interdisciplinary collaboration. The starting point is the identification of problems from the customer’s point of view, followed by a phase of idea generation. The ideas are evaluated with the customer and an initial simple prototype is developed. This in turn is developed further in successive dialog with the customer, or discarded if it is rejected. For example, the ratioform subsidiary Davpack has used Design Thinking to develop a new service. The customer is reminded by email that his packaging stock is running low so they can re-order in time with just a few clicks


Scrum is a method of agile project management. A complex project is broken down into small, digestible work packages. These are then managed by small, self- organized teams in short intervals (known as “sprints”). The teams are only given a predefined direction and decide for themselves which work packages can be completed in a sprint (the “pull” principle). Project results are evaluated regularly and include customer feedback.

The TAKKT AG leadership team familiarized themselves with this method in a workshop. Further training sessions are planned for employees. AT KAISER+KRAFT and ratioform as well as at the web shop teams of Hubert and NBF, Scrum is increasingly applied in project management.


Kanban originated in the production process as a means of visualizing manufacturing progress. However, the method can also be used to manage projects and work assignments. Actions are divided on a Kanban board into the categories of “pending,” “in progress” or “completed.” This allows the team to see who is currently working on which work packages, and what their handling status is. Beyond this, the Kanban board helps with the prioritization of tasks. More and more employees are using the Kanban method in their daily work.